Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery

Reuben Menu Description

Brewhouse Reuben ($8.00): Toasted Marbled Rye Layered with 1000 Island, Melted Swiss, Sauerkraut, and Your Choice of Corned Beef or Turkey.

Included Side Items: Potato chips and pickle spear

Reuben Sandwich Metadata

Presentation: The Reuben was served on marbled rye, sliced diagonally. The 1000 Island dressing was applied directly to the bottom slice of bread, followed by the melted Swiss cheese, the corned beef and then the sauerkraut just under the top slice of bread. The sandwich was served with potato chips on the plate, along with a pickle spear.

Reuben at Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

Delivery Time: 12 minutes

Dimensions: 503 cm³ (12.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 3.5 cm)

Bulk to Cost Ratio: 62 cm³/dollar

Review Date:



  • Overall: A- (4.2/5)
  • Value: A (4.5/5)
  • Atmosphere: B+ (4/5)
  • Service: A- (4.2/5)
  • Taste: B+ (4/5)
  • Presentation: A- (4.2/5)

The balance of ingredients

The pickle spear

The main dining room of Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery seemed very much in a Roadside Cafe style. The lighting was nicely subdued. The room itself was full of action on this Sunday evening, as the restaurant was very busy. The kitchen access was located just to the right of the hostess area and the servers were continuously coming and going.

The tables had the brewery's logo burned into the top and you could tell that the decorator of the dining area had tried to make it look more upscale than it really is.

The service was fast and friendly but not particularly professional.

Lil' Charlie's Restaurant and Brewery, Batesville, IN

The Reuben came out quickly and the first thing I noticed about the sandwich was that the crust was super crispy around the edges from the toasting process. Fortunately the interior of the bread was just about right. There was also an initially greasy overtone to the sandwich, which may have been from an overbuttering of the bread.

The 1000 Island dressing was nicely balanced and offered a nice tang to the overall flavor. The layer of sliced corned beef was not particularly thick, but it didn't taste skimpy. When the sandwich arrived, I think there was more beef outside of the sandwich than inside it. I quickly tucked all of the meat back between the slices of bread. The sauerkraut was nicely drained and had a good flavor.

Overall, this was a good tasting sandwich. It wasn't a mega-Reuben, but it hit the spot. I would definitely recommend it.

The potato chips on the side were nothing to take special note of, and the pickle spear that was included was somewhat bland and lacked the usual zest I was expecting.

Katherine ordered their Trailcutter Brown Ale, which she thought was good. For some reason, she said it had some sort of a "fishy" taste to it, but it wasn't distracting enough to affect her appreciation for it.

If you're near the Batesville area and looking for a Reuben stop, this place should be on the list.