Lake Line Pub - Lindbergh Terminal

Reuben Menu Description

Grilled Reuben Sandwich ($9.49): Stacked with Lean Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and Special Sauce, Grilled on Rye Bread and served with a Pickle and Irish Chips.

Included Side Items: Pickle and Irish chips

Reuben Sandwich Metadata

Presentation: This particular sandwich was served next to a pickle spear presented on a china plate next to the side item. The sandwich was on grilled rye bread cut down the middle. The sandwich had sauerkraut against the bottom slice of rye, followed by a thick layer of corned beef and a slice of Swiss cheese under the top slice of rye bread.

Delivery Time: 10 minutes

Review Date:



  • Overall: A (4.5/5)
  • Atmosphere: A (4.5/5)
  • Service: A+ (5/5)
  • Taste: A+ (5/5)
  • Value: A (4.5/5)
  • Presentation: A (4.5/5)

During a layover while enroute to San Francisco via the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, Pam and I ran across this place in the Lindbergh Terminal between Gates F6 and F7. The atmosphere was like being in an episode of "Cheers", only half the bar and floor space... oh, and no pool table. Our server would not have qualified for cast either, but the fact that we said we'd like to split the sandwich and she graciously served it on two separate plates, demonstrated her attention to the patron. The sandwich was on a pumpernickel style rye that held up well to the grill and was slightly crispy. Pam's half was a little moister on the down side. The cut halves displayed that the sandwich was well engineered. The corned beef was some of the leanest I've seen and had to have been placed on the bread a slice at a time, making a sandwich that had the same composition of ingredients in each bite. It must have been assembled by an obsessive compulsive chef. Each bite shared the same individually identifiable flavors of rye, corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and the "special sauce", which resembled a snappy 1000 Island dressing. The undivided serving must routinely come with a half of a Vlasic style pickle and a generous portion of "Irish chips" which are waffle cut potatoes that have been seasoned for a slight kick. Each of us had a quarter of a pickle and half a serving of the potatoes. The portions we were served were more than sufficient to kill our hunger and although this Reuben would have been pricey in comparison, divided between us was a real bargain.