Monte Carlo Resort & Casino Cafe

Reuben Menu Description

Reuben ($8.59):

Included Side Items: Potato salad, fruit slices, pickle

Reuben Sandwich Metadata

Presentation: The sandwich was cut diagonally and served on a plate next to fruit slices and a pickle spear. A bowl of potato salad was placed on the plate between the two sandwich halves.

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    The Monte Carlo is an upscale casino located on the south strip. Brandishing a $5 food comp from the day before, I headed to the cafe, located (as everything is in a Vegas hotel), right off the main casino. Luckily the clanging and beeping of slot machines were not too distracting. At $8.59, the meal was a decent value for a strip property (contrary to lingering stereotypes, Vegas is no longer the mecca of cheap eats that it once was). The Reuben itself was excellent, with good size and flavor, except for the toasted bread being too greasy. It came not only with the requisite pickle, but with a side of potato salad and some fruit slices. I didn't time the order, but service was quite fast, and soon I was done and ready to go forth and lose my money. All in all, it was a great experience.