Rhino's Billiards Bar & Grille

Reuben Menu Description

Reuben ($5.95): none

Included Side Items: Steak fries and ketchup

Reuben Sandwich Metadata

Presentation: The sandwich was cut in half and presented on a white plate with steak fries on one side of the sandwich and a small plastic cup of catsup on the other side. The sandwich had Swiss cheese on the bottom slice of Rye, followed by a stack of shredded corned beef. Atop the beef was a layer of sauerkraut mixed with thousand island dressing covered by another slice of Swiss cheese.

Delivery Time: 11 minutes

Dimensions: 455 cm³ (13 cm x 10 cm x 3.5 cm)

Bulk to Cost Ratio: 76 cm³/dollar

Review Date:



  • Overall: C+ (3/5)
  • Atmosphere: C (2.5/5)
  • Service: B (3.5/5)
  • Taste: B (3.5/5)
  • Value: B (3.5/5)
  • Presentation: C+ (3/5)

The Reuben was really salty. The corned beef wasn't sliced, it was some sort of shredded concoction. The bread was grilled to a great extent, but it wasn't burnt or charred. The quantity and distribution of the ingredients was pretty good. The steak fries were also good--and this coming from someone who usually despises steak fries. This place is billed kind of like a family restaurant (kids menu, etc.) but inside it didn't seem like much more than a bar. There was a lot of smoking, and we sat at a tall table in the corner. Fortunatly, most of the smoke was sucked up into the ceiling by a good ventilation system. The bar area was busy with many of the people well-acquainted, so there must be a crowd of regulars here. The south part of the establishment is an array of billiards tables that were all vacant at the early evening time we visited. The server was very kind and kept our lemonades filled--she must have brought us about ten refills apiece as we sat there. I was expecting more of an African motif in the restaurant, but really all of the stunning visuals were on the exterior of the building. If you're here, the Reuben is adequate but not overwhelmingly recommended. The prime rib sandwich that my friend Peter had looked really good, though.